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Gadecaféen’s Opening

Thursday 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Gadecaféen is located in Aarhus Center in the Salvation Army building at 54 Klostergade close to Our Lady’s Church

Gadecaféen is a street work for addicts and alcoholics, and we are a part of Teen Challenge in Denmark.

In Gadecaféen you can have bread, coffee and tea, here our guests can find warmth and comfort, and there is the time to listen.

We feel, that we know how to show love, warmth and empathy, and we can lead people to Jesus. It is to experience God as a loving God, who can transform and change every person’s life. We believe there is hope, no matter what a person has experienced or been through.

In Aarhus cooperate Gadecaféen’s manager and employees including with several churches. We are interdenominational.

You can support Gadecaféen on direct debit

Danske Bank reg No. 1551 Account No. 3719287077

In Teen Challenge is 7 core values core. Through faith in a living God who gives hope in the hopeless, we believe that a life of abstinence is possible. A life where work towards:

1st integrity and wholeness
2nd compassion and empathy
3rd vision and commitment to their own lives
4th management and tools for their own lives
5th a committed relationship to society
6th desire to make a difference for other people
7th a belief in the triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit